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For over 30 Years Fun Promotions llc goal is to provide on time quality events that meet or exceed our racers, sponsors, and spectator expectations.

with all the negative news lately, this email I received makes me smile, thank you to everyone who has supported Fun Promotions llc,

"You have done a great job sharing your passion for cycling. I think many successful racers in Michigan have been able to hone their own skills and story at your events going to national and international racing and doing so professionally. Over many years, the Boyne 24 hours being a qualifier if I remember correctly as just one example.
So you truly have passed along your passion and helped others have a place to grow theirs too. Sowing seeds. I never impact others like that as an accountant. 🙂

Deservedly you are in the Hall of Fame.

I am no expert at marketing or ideas or promotions, but it would be interesting to see people do their current rides while they wait for events to occur, their training rides with a Michigan spirit & Funpromotions bike/number plate. They could send you a picture of the bike at an outdoor scene or basement ride route and the plate and a ride story sentence or two and you post it. People could vote on the pictures/stories. Selling a “number Plate” could be an easy way to have people show support. Mailing the plate to people would be relatively inexpensive (it could be smaller and envelope sized or from current stock.) It is just a rambling idea I have had. Keeping hope and enthusiasm up is important in these times and keeps your business on peoples minds and in their day dream. It seems like people are all looking for an outlet for their enthusiasm for biking.

Signed up for Ithaca. Still have my finishers ribbon from 2003. I remember going to that race with the thickest tires I had due to people telling me there were thorn possibilities. 🙂 They were green Michelins. No issues that race. I think they were having fun with the Ohio guy. (BTW, not an Ohio State fan, went to the University of Dayton.)

I never meant to go on and on, but I am very happy to have shared my example of what many feel but never find the opportunity to share.
Thank you,


June 6th 2021 - Hanson Hills Challenge - XC & Kids
More Event Info - Click Here
Registration - Click Here

July 11th 2021 - Pontiac Lake MTB race – XC & kids
More Event Info - Click Here
Registration - Click Here

July 24th 2021 - Big M Challenge – XC & Kids
More Event Info - Click Here
Registration - Click Here

Aug 22nd 2021 - Maybury TT & Kids
More Event Info - Click Here
Registration - Click Here

Sept 19th 2021 - Island Lake Challenge – XC & kids
More Event Info - Click Here
Registration - Click Here

Sept 26th, 2021 Richmond Park – Kisscross #1

October 10th, 2021 Highland Park – Kisscross #2

October 24th, 2021 Manhattan Park (EGR) Kisscross #3

November 14th, 2021 Holland Windows on the Waterfront Park with 5K run – Kisscross #4

November 20th-21st 2021  Cross Hastings Fish Hatchery Park – MBRA CX State Championships / Kisscross #5

May 29th 2021
Hanson Hills 50 miles
Hanson Hills Rec. Area, Grayling - Michigan
Race info - Click Here
Registration - Click Here
2021 Results - Click Here

July 17th, 2021
8 HOURS of Ithaca
City of Ithaca Mountain Bike Park – Ithaca – Michigan
Race info - Click Here
Registration - Click Here

August 14th, 2021
Hammond Hill Team Relay
Hammond Hill Trail – Hastings, Michigan
Race info - Click Here
Registration - Click Here

Yes that's right Fun Promotions - is now providing Scoring and Timing Services for your Michigan racing event.

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Michigan Mountain Bike State Championships @ BigM Course Map

Michigan Mountain Bike State Championships @ BigM
Presented By: Cheboygan Brewing Company
Saturday October 24th 2020

Race Location:
Big M Trailhead Recreation Area, M-55 Wellston, Michigan

Event Description:
Cross Country MTB race Michigan Mountain Bike State Championships

Each lap is 7.6 miles, 565ft of elevation Single and ...
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Michigan MTB State Championships October 24th 2020 Wellston MI

Please join us for the 2020 BigM Michigan MTB State Championships Saturday October 24th at the BigM trailhead in Wellston Mi.

Presented by Cheboygan Brewing Co.

Awarding State Championships Winners jerseys in all 30 classes between two races…10am Elite and Expert classes racing ...
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Down to Ride app steps up to sponsor Fun Promotions Big M Event July 25th 2020

Down to Ride

Michigan’s brand new Down to Ride app is now sponsoring our Big M Challenge Mountain Bike Race this Saturday July 25th 2020!

All racers this weekend will be getting that sweet decal pack and a premium upgrade promo code ($20 value) ...
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