Brent Walk

I am Very happy to share my 2020 Michigan Mountain Biking and Cyclocross events - Brent Walk - Fun Promotions LLC. I welcome you to try any of my many Michigan cycling events!

Offering Five MTB cross country, One Time Trial races all with over 35 classes, plus if you’re into endurance riding we have The Hanson Hills 50 - May 23rd starts off our season of events in Grayling Michigan. Then our evening 8 Hour of Ithaca July 18th plus our Hammond Hill Team Relay Aug 22nd (2 & 4 person teams only)…we have a race for you! These relay / endurance events are possibly the most fun you can have with your cycling friends. Get yourself or team ready for some serious FUN! Challenge a buddy or just yourself!!

Our 2020 Michigan Fat Bike Races has come & gone with and without snow. The Michigan winter made for some interesting Fat Bike racing … we made it happen. Fort Custer, Hanson Hills both hosted races that offered a good mix of courses & layouts. Series & event sponsors: Culver’s, TP Logos, Paddle Hard Brewing, Meijer State Games of Michigan…..Thank You for supporting the 2020 Fat bike races!

This season marks my 7th season as MMBA CPS competition director. Lot’s of moving parts make up the MMBA CPS, thanks goes out to the venues, Chapters, and all the great people who work to support this series. 10 races will make up the 2020 MMBA CPS - YOUR statewide series of races. With great support from Velocity & Vie13…we plan to again award the winners with custom MMBA CPS jerseys to the top 3 in all classes. I invite you to join/race the best FREE series in the state! Visit for more information.

Starting on 2019 we have taken over the Kisscross Michigan Cyclocross series of west Michigan cyclocross races. We also established two new Cross races part of the MBRA CX series - Art Van Sports Complex Cyclocross and Cross Hastings Fish Hatchery Cyclocross. All back for 2020 please follow our Cross events at

Inside you’ll find it’s full of events and sponsor messages and current information, including on-line registration links – Please Like & Follow us on Facebook.
After 32 years of Managing & hosting Cross Country, Time Trials (road and MTB), Cyclocross, Downhill, Dual Slalom, Supercross & Arenacross MTB exhibition races, Fat Bike, Roller Races, Team Relays, and 6, 8, 12 and 24 hour endurance races…should prove that I LOVE cycling!
Look for my annual Magazine Michigan Mountain Biking & Cyclocross News at your Local Bike Shop.

I would like to again say “Thank you” to everyone who has supported my events…all of the great racers, sponsors, volunteers and those people who have help staff /manage all of my races during the past 30+ years. I am truly blessed with great support and I couldn’t do it without all of you – I THANK YOU so very much and God Bless you all.

Happy Trails,